In order to import product details and pictures from your Etsy store you need to connect your Etsy store to YT store.

Its simple, easy and fast and will take less than 5 min!!

Just follow these few steps:

1) Visit the link below and login using Etsy login credentials, register if necessary. 

     We recommend registering for Etsy developer account using your Facebook or Google account.

2) Fill out the highlighted fields, select the highlighted options and click "Read Terms and Create App"

3) Click "Create App"



4) Cilck on "Shop Settings" and copy your shop name

5) Login to your YogaTrader seller account here:


6) Select "Etsy Connector"


7)  Click the "+" sign to add your Etsy account         

8) Enter values of "KEYSTRING", "SHARED SECRET" and "SHOP NAME"  you copied from Etsy and select "Authenticate"

9) You will be redirected to Etsy, click "ALLOW ACCESS" on Etsy. You have now SUCCESSFULLY connected Etsy store!